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  • Responsive Website

    5 Features Your Website Can’t Go Without

    by David Gersh, August 5, 2019 At the core of every successful modern business lies a compelling website. The online universe abounds in websites of all types, and the trends and rules seem to be shifting continuously. However, in spite of the perpetual changes, we can… Read More
  • Businesses Store

    Why is Google My Business So Important for Smal...

    by David Gersh, July 22, 2019 Planning a dinner out? Looking for the closest hardware store? Your phone has all the answers you need much in part, thanks to Google My Business. It doesn’t matter that you’re a small business owner; you’re still a consumer. You… Read More
  • Social Media Posting

    The Benefits of Regular Social Media Posting fo...

    by David Gersh, July 8, 2019 Upon the emergence of social media, many small businesses were hoping it would be a passing fancy. But that hasn’t turned out to be true. In fact, according to Buffer’s State of Social 2019 report, 58.8% of marketers felt that… Read More
  • Video Marketing

    How Will Video Help SEO Ranking?

    by David Gersh, June 24, 2019 If you’ve been focusing on text-based content to improve your SEO ranking, you might want to start looking into video as well. According to Statista, in 2018, 85% of all internet users in the U.S. watched online video content monthly.… Read More
  • Online Reviews Monitoring

    How to Manage Online Reviews for Your Business

    by David Gersh, June 10, 2019 Fifty-seven percent of people require at least four stars before they will give a company their business. You start with a single golden review, more people try your product or service, you get more positive online reviews, and you get… Read More
  • Website Traffic Analysis

    The Effect of Web Traffic on Websites and Blogs

    by David Gersh, May 12, 2019 Many small businesses create a website and blog without giving much thought to how much web traffic they generate. After all, you’ve got a website so that should be enough, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it is not enough. Without website traffic,… Read More
  • Website Blogging

    The Importance of Blogging for SEO

    by David Gersh, April 27, 2019 Perhaps the most useful thing about blogging is that it can get you free advertising when done right. Considering that 53% of today’s marketers rank content as their number one priority, it is surprising that there are so many companies… Read More
  • Hacked WordPress Website

    How to Protect Against a WordPress Virus and Se...

    by David Gersh, April 10, 2019 Are you worried that your site isn’t secure? If you’ve noticed that your online presence has gone down significantly, or that your site has not been functioning as it should be, it’s very possible that your website has been infected… Read More
  • Website Backup

    The Importance of Website Backups

    by David Gersh, March 26, 2019 Just like the insurance premium that you pay for coverage on your business’s assets, it’s important to consider insurance for your online presence: your website. Website backups are essential to running a successful WordPress site, giving your site a safety… Read More
  • Website Designing

    4 Key Principles of Good Website Design

    by David Gersh, March 12, 2019 A multi-year trend shows the percentage of offline Americans continues to shrink, down from 48% to 11% between 2000–2018. Not having a website, or worse, having a poorly designed website, means not reaching 89% of Americans. As an entrepreneur, a… Read More
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