Now a days having a blog on your website is essential for educating your prospects about your business and what you do. Driving more traffic to your website signals to Google that your company is an expert in your field and that you are putting out quality content on a regular basis.

It allows you to speak directly to your prospective customers and educate them rather than selling to them which builds much more trust.

Education means that you are familiar with their situation or needs and can answer any questions they may have. It also means that you understand who they are, what they do, and what their pain points are.

Blogging about a very specific topic in depth allows you to add valuable resources that your prospect is looking for and generate traffic to your website consistently over time.

Normally, it is difficult to actually update website content on all of your main website pages but by having a blog you are able to add new content on a regular basis without having to change your existing web content.

Each new blog article that is published is a separate page on your website that can be indexed by search engines which means there are far more opportunities to get found online and gives search engines a reason to index your website content.

Things To Know About Blog Creation

  • Educate your prospects
  • Demonstrate dependability and trustworthiness
  • Repurpose blog content
  • Address a topic in depth
  • Answer commonly asked questions about your business
  • Deep link to relevant content on your website
  • Attract inbound links
  • Have something valuable to say on social networks
  • Embed videos and presentations
  • Communicate PR-type news (product releases, upcoming events, etc

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