Google AdWords, also known as pay per click, is an online advertising platform that allows you to use text based ads to reach a very specific audience. When a user searches using specific search terms, you can make sure that your ads appear in the search engine results.

It is a quick and easy way to get your business listed at the top of the search results on Google for specific keywords related to your product or service, and you don’t pay for the ad until someone clicks on it.

In addition, you can set a price per click that you are willing to pay as well as a monthly budget and control the amount of money you are willing spend per month.

It is very easy to lose money quickly if you do not know what you are doing when it comes to setting up and running Adwords campaigns.

We are Google certified partners and have spent years perfecting our techniques and best practices to get our clients the best and most cost effective results.

PPC can provide results much faster than organic SEO. It is literally possible to immediately pay your way right to the top of the search engine results.

It is Google’s goal to deliver ads that are relevant to their users’ searches because they want prospects to click on an ad as much as you do knowing that people are more likely to click when your ad is clearly relevant to their needs.

There are many factors that Google takes into consideration when it comes to ad ranking and cost per click including Quality Scoreclick through rates, and bid prices. You also have the option of targeting a radius around your business or specific cities, states or counties.

Including Adwords as part of your marketing arsenal is a great way to get quick results while working on your organic search optimization, which normally takes longer to yield results, or other items in your marketing campaign.

Things To Know About Pay Per Click

  • Small Initial Investment
  • Set Defined Budget
  • High ROI
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Easy to Test Marketing Campaigns
  • Instant Traffic to Your Website
  • Easy to Track What’s Working
  • Target Ads locally
  • Easily Find High Volume Keywords
  • Level the Playing Field With Larger Competitors

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