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Digital Marketing

Defining SEO and How Can It Work for Your Small Business

Modern consumers are intelligent. They don’t just shop at the nearest business to their home anymore. These consumers are:

Price matching

Reading Review

Following their favorite small business owners on social media

Asking questions on forums

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a digital marketing tool used to increase your visibility in search engines. This means that when a consumer types, “Florist in Westlake, CA”, they are more likely to find your flower shop over the nearby plant nursery down the road.

Why? It’s simple. Your digital marketing team follows the current algorithms set out by Google and other search engines, which rank websites locally and globally. Your marketing expert will help you modify your website, social media pages, blog, and other aspects of your business’ virtual presence to align with Google’s algorithm and rank you more highly in results.

Research suggests that search engine users are unlikely to read past the first three results, and rarely extend their search to the second page of results at all. This makes ranking high a priority for small businesses looking to get ahead.

Factors Impacting Your SEO

There are many ways to improve SEO, including:

  • Local SearchAdding your name to local business listings improves your chances of appearing in local small business searches.
  • KeywordsKeywords help consumers find you by matching search phrases to your content. Adding keywords to blog entries, landing pages, and URLs improves your SEO.
  • Mobile-Friendly BrowsingDigital mobility is a convenience Americans have become accustomed to. If your website isn’t easily accessed by phones and tablets, you could lose a number of consumers, and Google factors this into their mobile rankings.
  • Long-Form ContentThe content you write should have intent, authority, and relevance. Short snippets of information aren’t enough to prove yourself an expert in your field. Google is looking for small businesses who post long-form content regularly, proving their reliability as stability on the market.
  • Consumer EngagementFrom website comments to social media shares, the engagement you have with your customers drastically impacts your visibility online.
  • Title Tags and DescriptionsTitle tags and meta descriptions help search engine users know who you are and what your link is before they click it. This also helps crawler bots navigate your website for ranking.
  • BacklinksLinks from other businesses, local and global, prove to Google and other search engines that you are relevant and popular. This improves your ranking online.

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