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  • Google Local Search

    What Is Local Search or Local SEO?

    by David Gersh, November 25, 2019 Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an online marketing method used to improve rank on search engine result pages, or SERPs. Local SEO uses this same concept but focuses on a specific location. This helps customers find your business among… Read More
  • Digital Marketing

    Is Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Ad...

    by David Gersh, November 11, 2019 Would you believe me if I told you that the number of people who go online increases every day? Hard to imagine that’s possible considering how engulfed society has already become by the Internet. And yet, there are still newcomers… Read More
  • Mobile Marketing

    Optimizing Mobile Marketing for Small Business ...

    by David Gersh, October 18, 2019 The world of online marketing evolves every day, and many of these changes revolve around convenience. This fact is evident in the popularity of mobile devices for online browsing, shopping, social media exchanges, and more. Tablets and cellular phones are… Read More
  • Facebook Advertising

    Top 5 Reasons You Should be Advertising on Face...

    by David Gersh, October 4, 2019 Facebook has long been hailed king of the social media platforms. While Twitter and Instagram have impressive numbers, Facebook’s staggering 2.41-billion active monthly user count takes the cake. With so many users actively sharing, posting, liking, and commenting, Facebook is… Read More
  • Online Business Review

    Importance of Not Leaving Reviews for Your Own ...

    by David Gersh, September 20, 2019 In the world of digital marketing and ecommerce, brand reputation is critical. The reviews customers leave on your social media page, website, and other sites could majorly impact the success of your small business. According to Forbes, 90% of internet… Read More
  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing’s Importance to Your Smal...

    by David Gersh, September 6, 2019 As far as online marketing goes, email appears to be the dinosaur of the internet game. However, this marketing MVP is far from retired. Evolving with the internet landscape, email marketing has come a long way from cold contacting leads… Read More
  • Social Media Marketing

    How to Effectively Market Your Small Business o...

    by David Gersh, August 20, 2019 Today, social media marketing is no longer optional for small businesses. However, initiating your social media affairs can often be overwhelming. So, here are a few valuable tips for effectively promoting your small business on social networks. Define Your Marketing… Read More
  • Responsive Website

    5 Features Your Website Can’t Go Without

    by David Gersh, August 5, 2019 At the core of every successful modern business lies a compelling website. The online universe abounds in websites of all types, and the trends and rules seem to be shifting continuously. However, in spite of the perpetual changes, we can… Read More
  • Businesses Store

    Why is Google My Business So Important for Smal...

    by David Gersh, July 22, 2019 Planning a dinner out? Looking for the closest hardware store? Your phone has all the answers you need much in part, thanks to Google My Business. It doesn’t matter that you’re a small business owner; you’re still a consumer. You… Read More
  • Social Media Posting

    The Benefits of Regular Social Media Posting fo...

    by David Gersh, July 8, 2019 Upon the emergence of social media, many small businesses were hoping it would be a passing fancy. But that hasn’t turned out to be true. In fact, according to Buffer’s State of Social 2019 report, 58.8% of marketers felt that… Read More
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