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  • Hacked WordPress Website

    How to Protect Against a WordPress Virus and Se...

    by David Gersh, April 10, 2019 Are you worried that your site isn’t secure? If you’ve noticed that your online presence has gone down significantly, or that your site has not been functioning as it should be, it’s very possible that your website has been infected… Read More
  • Website Backup

    The Importance of Website Backups

    by David Gersh, March 26, 2019 Just like the insurance premium that you pay for coverage on your business’s assets, it’s important to consider insurance for your online presence: your website. Website backups are essential to running a successful WordPress site, giving your site a safety… Read More
  • Website Designing

    4 Key Principles of Good Website Design

    by David Gersh, March 12, 2019 A multi-year trend shows the percentage of offline Americans continues to shrink, down from 48% to 11% between 2000–2018. Not having a website, or worse, having a poorly designed website, means not reaching 89% of Americans. As an entrepreneur, a… Read More
  • Website User Experience

    Factors That Negatively Affect the User Experie...

    by David Gersh, February 26, 2019 Your website is your digital handshake. It is the face of your business and tells people what they can expect from your company. To ensure this first impression is the right one, you must avoid the negative aspects of a… Read More
  • New Website Design

    Crucial Aspects of a Good Website Design

    by David Gersh, February 12, 2019 How important is website design? Well, a study found that 94% of negative website feedback was design related. Effective website design will impress your potential customers and encourage them to browse your products or services. A poorly designed website will… Read More
  • Mail Boxes

    Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead?

    by mmpsc, February 4, 2019 It’s a digital marketing world today, right? So why would a company even bother sending out those direct mail packages in the hopes of garnering business? Isn’t snail mail a thing of the past? You may be surprised; direct mail… Read More
  • Website Designing

    You Should Know the Negative Aspects That Affec...

    by David Gersh, January 25, 2019 You’re a small business, and you may not have time or money to put into maintaining a fancy website. Even if you want to take on the project and fight your way to the first page of the Google SERPS,… Read More
  • SEO or PPC for Small Business

    SEO or PPC: Which is Better for a Small Business?

    by David Gersh, January 11, 2019 It can be a little overwhelming for small business owners to find the perfect mix of digital marketing tactics. You have to meet your budget needs while getting the best ROI. You’ve probably heard murmurs (or shouts) about the power… Read More
  • Web Designers Discussing Idea

    Important Aspects of a Small Business Website

    by David Gersh, December 29, 2018 One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is having a set-it-and-forget-it attitude about their website. The websites of today are living, breathing entities that require nurturing, almost on a daily basis. Whether you have an existing website or… Read More
  • Is SEO Worth It to Small Businesses?

    by David Gersh, December 5, 2018 Small business owners rely on exposure, word of mouth, and repeat customers for their annual revenue. Where large corporations can afford paid advertising in print media and television spots, small businesses may not be able to afford these marketing avenues.… Read More
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