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  • Digital Marketing Trends 2021

    Digital Marketing Trends to Look for in 2021

    by David Gersh, February 4, 2021 Digital marketing trends are constantly shifting with the ebbs and flow of the seasonal tides, but 2020 through many business owners for a loop. With 2021 just around the corner, Outreach Digital Marketing believes all advertisers should be prepared to… Read More
  • Posting In Google My Business

    Will Posting to Google Help SEO?

    by David Gersh, January 2, 2021 There is a long and in-depth answer to questions regarding GMB and SEO. The short answer is yes, posting to Google my Business will impact your local rankings, and may influence other rankings as well. As a digital marketing company,… Read More
  • Video Marketing

    Tips for Using Video as Part of Your Marketing ...

    by David Gersh, December 2, 2020 The modern marketing industry has fully committed itself to the continuous evolution of digital technology and one of the major players in this area is video marketing. As the name suggests video marketing relies on the production and distribution of… Read More
  • Small Business Marketing Plan

    How to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Small B...

    by David Gersh, October 29, 2020 One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of running a successful small business is creating an effective marketing plan. A marketing plan will help guide you in the direction you need to go in order to reach your… Read More
  • SEO

    What Is SEO And How Does It Work?

    by David Gersh, September 29, 2020 Imagine your small business at the very top of relevant Google search result pages, ahead of your competitors. Think of all the traffic (quality traffic) that your business could receive! Appearing at the top of the search result pages isn’t… Read More
  • Free Small Business Advertising

    5 Easy Ways to Advertise Your Small Business Th...

    by David Gersh, August 30, 2020 Ready to take your marketing plan up a notch? As a small business owner, you know that marketing is a business need – not a want – but where do you start? There are countless ways to market your business,… Read More
  • Social Media Tips for Small Business

    5 Social Media Tips for Your Small Business

    by David Gersh, July 30, 2020 As a small business owner, there are countless ways to market your business and get it in front of the right customers. One of the most cost-effective ways to do so is through social media. But using social media as… Read More
  • 1 Star Review

    How Should You Respond To Negative Online Reviews?

    by David Gersh, June 30, 2020 No business owner or marketing manager ever wants to see a negative review of their business. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts to prevent them, negative reviews are just a part of doing business in the modern digital world. That’s not… Read More
  • Live Chat

    Does Your Website Need Live Chat?

    by David Gersh, May 27, 2020 Even though live chat has grown in popularity for websites in a range of different industries, it’s still not what typically comes to mind when you think of marketing. Quite often, the concept of live chat is still associated with… Read More
  • Pandemic Support Through Digital Marketing

    How Digital Marketing Can Keep your Business He...

    by David Gersh, April 23, 2020 As many businesses attempt to navigate the uncertain, unprecedented terrain of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to say that business is far from usual. Many people have had to make drastic changes in their lives in response to the… Read More
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