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  • Small Business SEO Service

    Does a Small Business Really Need SEO Service?

    by David Gersh, July 28, 2022 Without exposure through word of mouth by loyal customers, advertising, or social media, small businesses would have a really tough time growing and meeting their financial goals. The big companies can afford paid advertising with large campaigns in print media,… Read More
  • UTM Tagging for Google My Business

    What Small Business Owners Need to Know About U...

    by David Gersh, June 24, 2022 One of the biggest challenges of marketing is understanding the fruits of your labor. As a small business owner, you want to know the money you invest in digital marketing is actually getting results. You want to drive people to… Read More
  • Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

    What Characteristics Should Your Small Business...

    by David Gersh, June 10, 2022 As a small business owner, deciding if it makes more sense to hire your own team, or outsource your marketing function can present a real conundrum. On the one hand, it’s nice to have your own team available in-house, but… Read More
  • Man Using Google Maps

    How Do I Get My Small Business to Rank Higher o...

    by David Gersh, May 20, 2022 As a small local business owner, you need to leverage the power of Google maps. In fact, 86% of consumers use Google Maps to find local businesses. So, what exactly is Google Maps? It is a free advertising tool that… Read More
  • Digital Marketing Strategies

    Digital Marketing Strategies for a Small Budget

    by David Gersh, May 6, 2022 To remain competitive today, even small businesses need to spend some time developing a digital marketing strategy. If you want to increase market share, you need to spend money to make money as the adage goes. However, you don’t have… Read More
  • Service Area Businesses Local SEO Strategy

    Successful Local SEO Strategy for Service Area ...

    by David Gersh, April 16, 2022 As a service area business, you depend on local customers. As a result, you need to reach your ideal customers at the point they are seeking your service. Today, that means leveraging local SEO strategy to be the first company… Read More
  • Local Community Outreach

    Local Community Outreach: A Sustainable Busines...

    by David Gersh, April 1, 2022 As a local small business, you depend on your community to support your growth. However, if you don’t take the time to support your community you reduce the opportunities available to you. Creating strong relationships in your community provides you… Read More
  • Local SEO Performance Analysis

    Key Local SEO Metrics for Small Business Owners

    by David Gersh, March 18, 2022 SEO is complicated enough without having to worry about numbers. However, local SEO metrics offer valuable insights that tell you whether your efforts are helping you meet your goals. The question is, exactly what metrics should you be tracking? Here… Read More
  • Effective Social Media Strategy

    How to Implement Simple but Effective Social Me...

    by David Gersh, March 4, 2022 Social media is an excellent, free tool your local business can use to expand your reach. However, you want to make sure you are using effective strategies to see the best results. Here we explain how you can implement a… Read More
  • Small Business Website Development

    The Website for Your Small Business Needs These...

    by David Gersh, February 17, 2022 From the moment you start up your small business, you need a website. While many small business owners turn to social media first, there is just no getting around the fact you need a website. No doubt social media is… Read More
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