Email marketing is by far the most inexpensive way of communicating and staying in front of your existing customers on a regular basis as well as one of the best performing marketing channels available.

Everyone you will be emailing already knows your brand or business and in order to contact someone and market to them via email, you need their permission which makes email the strongest tool in your marketing toolbox.

Everyone who receives your emails will have already purchased from your business, or shown an interest in your brand so you should already have an existing relationship with them.

Relevancy is a top factor with email marketing and this is where segmentation of your audience comes in. By making sure that the emails you’re sending are useful and relevant to the recipient you will get better open ratesclick through rates and ultimately more purchases.

One of the main benefits of using email marketing as part of your marketing strategy is that you can use it to build and strengthen relationships with subscribers and customers.

You can utilize email for the customer journey which spans the full customer lifecycle from acquisition to conversion, and right through to retention.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the real benefit of email marketing is the return on investment which has consistently outperformed other channels.

Things To Know About Email Marketing

  • Build credibility & strengthen relationships
  • Improve communication with your customers
  • Reach people on any device
  • Increase website traffic
  • Get immediate results
  • Promote services
  • Attract new clients
  • Stay top-of-mind
  • Market efficiently to your existing customer base
  • Customers Like to Hear From You

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