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  • Local Search

    NAP, Reviews & GMB – The Three Pilla...

    by David Gersh, January 14, 2022 Local SEO can be hard to master for small business owners. This is because there are so many factors contributing to a strong SEO strategy. It can be hard to research proper local SEO tactics because you’re likely to run… Read More
  • Local SEO Knowledge For Small Business Owner

    Local SEO Knowledge You Need as a Small Busines...

    by David Gersh, December 30, 2021 It is frustrating knowing you are the best game in town, yet keep losing business to the competition. Doing a local search and finding that one company is always outranking you just adds insult to injury. However, their links offer… Read More
  • Voice Search

    The Future of Voice Search & How to Integr...

    by David Gersh, November 26, 2021 The term “use your words” could become important advice for anyone conducting a search online. Speaking into a phone to make a search is easier and more natural for people. As a result, voice-activated technology is becoming more popular. The… Read More
  • Small Business Local SEO Audit Importance

    Importance of Local SEO Audit for Small Busines...

    by David Gersh, November 12, 2021 Local SEO is your link to local customers. Your brick and mortar location, or even an online business that delivers local services or products needs to be present when potential customers do their “near me” searches. Since 82% of local… Read More
  • Local Search Optimization

    Advanced Local SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

    by David Gersh, October 28, 2021 Small businesses need to rise to the occasion of optimizing their local search strategy. There is more to local SEO strategy than what you’re already doing for your overall SEO tactics. Here we offer advanced local SEO strategies that help… Read More
  • Digital Marketing

    Is Digital Marketing a Good Idea for My Small B...

    by David Gersh, October 14, 2021 The short answer to this question is always a resounding yes! If you want to compete in today’s market, you have to use digital marketing whether it’s to get more customers or to build brand awareness. You have access to… Read More
  • Digital Marketing

    Is Digital Marketing Affordable for Small Busin...

    by David Gersh, September 30, 2021 With the digital marketplace thriving and expanding every day, online marketing efforts are also growing. For small businesses and start-ups, this begs the question, “Can we afford this?” A more important question might be, “Can we afford not to?” According… Read More
  • Digital Marketing Scam

    How to Save Your Business from a Digital Market...

    by David Gersh, August 28, 2021 The world has gone digital and with it comes the ability to create websites, send e-mails, and even chat online, all under false pretenses. Digital marketing scams seek to accomplish a variety of sordid things, from identity theft to monetary… Read More
  • SEO Concept

    An Introduction to SEO Best Practices for Your ...

    by David Gersh, July 27, 2021 Being a small business means taking big steps to ensure your brand is visible among the “big guys”. The internet has made it easier than ever before to market yourself on a global level. As a leader in search engine… Read More
  • Digital Marketing

    What Should You Know About Digital Marketing As...

    by David Gersh, June 29, 2021 Just because you have a small marketing budget, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your marketing campaigns. Point in fact: digital marketing. Digital marketing isn’t something only the big guys can afford. It is by far the most… Read More
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