Sometimes, it becomes impossible to figure out whether or not your digital marketing spend is even worth it. You invest time and money in various digital marketing campaigns, but ultimately really don’t see where it is helping if at all. The bottom line is that trying to raise brand awareness and attract new customers is never wasted time.

However, it’s where you invest and how you approach your digital campaigns that will improve your ROI and sales. Here are some of the ways digital marketing improves ROI and sales.

You Can Level the Playing Field

Why should the big guys get all the attention? A locally owned and operated business often has far more to offer customers, so you need to get the word out this is the case. You know those multinationals are already killing it, but not everyone wants to deal with major corporations. With an increased interest in communities supporting local businesses, you can leverage your small, local business status and level the playing field with those heavy hitters. You can suddenly become more responsive to a wider customer base using tools like social media and chatbots to make yourself more user-friendly than those larger, faceless companies.

Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Considering digital marketing prices start at free, you really aren’t going to find a cheaper way to advertise. Whether you are using social media or decide to spend money on something like email marketing an improved website or pay per click, you will see a far better ROI and improved results for two reasons:

  1. The initial spend is less which automatically improves ROI.
  2. You will have farther reach with the exact audience you are targeting.

Digital marketing is cost-effective and hits your target audience, so it just makes good business sense. In fact, according to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing but gets three times as many leads.

Improved Leads

Digital marketing improves conversions especially when it comes to things like organic searches. Since this is free, or quite cheap even if you work with an SEO expert to raise you up in the rankings, you can reach people when they are primed to take action. Targeting people by intent allows you to meet them at every step of their customer journey. You remain responsive at all times which increases the odds of them making a purchase, signing up for email, or asking for a demo. Demand Metrics notes companies with blogs gain 67% more leads each month. In case you didn’t realize blogging is digital marketing!

Better Targeting Means Better Conversions

Also, according to Demand Metric, 90% of consumers find content useful and are more likely to take action when they read relevant content. You are better able to target your audience using such content. As a result, you can improve conversions at the time people are ready to make a purchase or request more information. You can engage with your target in a far more meaningful way, which will build trust and create a longer customer lifetime.

Reaching the Mobile Consumer

Now more than ever, you need to hit people where they are and when they are seeking your services. Especially for small, local businesses, the “near me” search is driving people to your door. When you can reach people on their mobile, you are providing them with the timely info they need to take action now.

Building your Brand Reputation and Trust

Social media is probably your most powerful tool to build brand awareness. When you take the time to use posts to provide engaging content, you allow people to get to know you. This is the first step in establishing who you are. The second step is to then deliver on your promises, so your paying customers become your free advertisers. When you gain followers who have been happy with your service, they will sing your praises and share your posts with friends. It is a self-generating marketing scheme that becomes your greatest marketing asset.

You can also interact directly with your followers to show you care about what they have to say. Even negative feedback about a shortfall in your product or service is an opportunity for you to be responsive and do everything to demonstrate your desire to satisfy your customers. This builds trust and again, helps encourage the shares and likes you need to grow your customer base with the right target.

Digital Marketing

Trust Outreach to Improve Sales

These are just some examples of how digital marketing can improve ROI and sales. Small business owners can take advantage of affordable online marketing campaigns with the assistance of a trusted online marketing expert like Outreach Digital Marketing. We can help create a highly effective digital/SEO strategy and web design that resonates with your target audience with impressive results. Schedule a free consultation today.

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