The world of online marketing evolves every day, and many of these changes revolve around convenience. This fact is evident in the popularity of mobile devices for online browsing, shopping, social media exchanges, and more. Tablets and cellular phones are used to do everything from paying bills to shopping for shoes. It should come as no surprise that businesses around the world are working toward mobile optimization to increase productivity and ease of use.

According to Forbes, 60% of people online rely on mobile devices as a primary source of internet. A mobile-friendly web design could be the difference between digital invisibility and brand awareness. This is especially critical while trying to grow a company from the ground up.

So, what can you do as a small business owner to improve the mobile optimization of your website? Here are some tips to get you started.

Create a Mobile Communications Campaign

With internet marketing came email and social media marketing, but these aren’t the only forms of advertising making waves. Small businesses can cash in on the mobile vibe by creating a text-based marketing campaign. Automated SMS messages keep your customers from forgetting about all the great products and services you offer. Use them for promotions, product launches, exclusive offers, or loyalty program updates.

The great thing about mobile SMS campaigns is that your customers have opted-in of their own accord. Provide a neat little button on your social media or website, the same way you would encourage a newsletter subscription. Once subscribed you’re guaranteed to keep in touch quickly and efficiently. No more worrying that an email has slipped into the junk mail folder or was missed. Research shows that most SMS messages are read within the first 3-minutes.

Focus on Local Online Marketing

Mobile internet users may use global sites like Amazon to find a product, but many searches are local. Directions to the nearest bookstore, reviews of the top restaurant, and other searches are common. This is partially due to the many apps which are readily available through phones and tablets.

To up your local game, get involved with as many local business listings as possible. Test your local visibility by searching for your products or services online. If you find your site within the top three in your search you’re doing very well.

Size Matters with Mobile

Unlike your PC, mobile devices have a limited screen space to display information. From photos to videos, it’s important that visuals be formatted to fit within the confines of a tablet or phone screen. Responsive web design is the best way to make this wish a reality. Responsive design reacts to the allotted space provided and alters data to fit.

When in doubt, go horizontal for video, and vertical for photos. Widescreen video is such a popular format that even mobile users prefer to turn their device to watch a video. Photos, on the other hand, are easier to swipe through while vertical. If you’re not sure what’s loading properly and what needs tweaking, check the page from your own mobile device. Consider these questions:

  • Are you able to see everything within the confines of the screen, or is part of the image cut off?
  • Do all videos play or correctly?
  • Can mobile users access all links?
  • When links are clicked from a mobile device do they send you to the correct page?

Update Regularly and Efficiently

Regular updates are important for both mobile and PC users. The difference is that mobile users tend to check their social media, email, text, and favorite blogs more frequently. This could be due to convenience and availability, where many Americans aren’t close to a PC throughout the day. Regular updates not only appeal to the consumer who wants to see what’s new with your company. It’s also preferred by search engines, like Google, who require fresh content to rank websites highly.

Remember to choose relevant materials, both to brand and mobile devices, when preparing content to post. Consumers want to read about subjects that relate to your business, product, or service. This increases the chance for brand awareness and preferred search engine ranking.

Mobile Marketing Optimization

Increase Your Mobile Visibility

Market research shows that more than 50% of internet users will avoid recommending a company with weak mobile web design. If you’ve found no other reason to commit to mobile optimization, consider all the potential clients you could miss. Interested in learning more about mobile marketing and web design? Call us for a free consultation.

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