Just like the insurance premium that you pay for coverage on your business’s assets, it’s important to consider insurance for your online presence: your website.

Website backups are essential to running a successful WordPress site, giving your site a safety net should data theft, data loss, or hacks take your site down.

When Would It Be Helpful to Have a Website Backup?

A hacker infiltrates your site.

There are many different strokes of hackers out there, but most typically hack for a personal and often financial gain. Though you may not believe that hackers truly exist or that your website is something a hacker would even be interested in touching, you’re not as safe as you think.

When malware, such as spyware and viruses, encroach on the security of your WordPress website, having a backup can allow you to get started with a fresh version of your site within a very short period of time.

Nothing is perfect.

No website host can guarantee that your website will be up and running 100% of the time. Instead, it is very common that your website experiences downtime from a server failure or hard disk crash.

In that instance, it’s best to use a fresh version of your website, thanks to your WordPress website backup, and not rely on your hosting company to have the most up-to-date version of your site. When disaster strikes, you’ll be thankful that you had a backup of your site to save you from countless hours of rebuilding your online presence.

Database vs. Website Backup

It’s also important to know that WordPress database backups, though helpful and important, only include a backup of your posts, pages, and comments but does not include storage of files and folders from the server, according to WordPress. A whole WordPress website backup, WordPress also states, gathers all the information stored in your site that makes your site what it is.

Website Data Download

It is strongly recommended, both by WordPress and by us at Outreach Digital Marketing, that you perform a backup of both your WordPress database and website at regular intervals, as well as before any update (which you should be sure to do as soon as an update is released). The exact frequency for your website backups should also depend on how often you make changes, upload files, or publish blog posts. If you were to lose the data that you’ve uploaded to your site since your last backup, how would you feel? Your website backup frequency is certainly something that our team of experts can help you determine in order to make the most of your time and effort.

There may also be some items that you don’t mind losing, and in fact, would rather exclude from your backup in order to save time and space on your external storage devices. Our website development team can help you narrow down your backups to the essentials, which makes storing multiple backups much easier and more realistic.

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