Business owners have enough to worry about while navigating the ever-changing landscape of the digital world without the addition of potential lawsuits. For companies choosing non-ADA compliant web design, however, this is a real and active threat. Across the United States, more and more businesses are falling victim to fines and penalties for forgetting to include ADA compliance in their web design.

As a leader in online marketing, Outreach focuses our attention on more than just ROI, we also want to protect our clients from easily avoidable and costly mistakes. One of the ways we support business owners and marketers is through our ADA compliance software. Another is by keeping our clients informed. Here is what you need to know about non-compliant ADA web design and how it could affect your business.

Understanding ADA Compliance

The first danger involved in web design is simply not understanding ADA compliance and what it means. Many modern companies are focusing all their efforts on online marketing and SEO, but missing little things, like accessibility. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act, and it was put in place to protect Americans with different abilities. For example, if somebody with vision impairment visits your website, he or she may require descriptive audio to tell them how to use your site. Similarly, an individual with hearing loss may require subtitles on video content or soundbites.

When companies do not comply with adherence to ADA standards it can be detrimental to your website and company at large. Penalties include fines, and in some cases may hinder your SEO and website privileges.

Lawyers are Looking for a Payoff

Another danger of missing ADA requirements during web design is that there are people actively seeking websites like yours for a big payoff. Many law firms specialize in discrimination suits and are focusing their attention on the digital marketplace. Online marketing and sales have grown exponentially over the past decade, but the current state of health and safety in America has made web traffic even more abundant, and there are people looking to cash in on this increase.

Ensuring your site is ADA compliant gives you peace of mind, knowing that legal eagles with an eye for details aren’t nitpicking your website apart.

The Bigger the Business the Harder it Falls

Outreach Digital Marketing works with many clients across a wide range of industries. This lends us some insight into the current issues businesses are facing in terms of ADA compliance. One thing we have come to notice is that large businesses, especially, are taking quite a beating in fines and penalties. Even small companies are seeing more than $3,000 in fines per ADA suit, with large companies shelling out much more over the discrepancies.

It is not only fines you need to worry about as a large company undergoing a suit for non-compliance with accessibility. The modern consumer is looking for a product, service, and company they can trust. Businesses that serve all consumers equally are favored over those who neglect accessibility. Therefore, not complying with ADA standards could also hinder brand loyalty and customer engagement.

It is Easy to Miss a Requirement

Unfortunately, even businesses who opt to redesign their sites for SEO and ADA purposes are getting hit with missed features. All it takes is one accessibility issue to spark concern and a potential lawsuit. Some of the requirements web designers are looking at including are:

  • Video and screen captions
  • Captions designed to coordinate with screen-reading software
  • Audio descriptions
  • Dropdown menus accessible by keyboard and mouse
  • Audio coding for proper visual translations for the deaf and hard of hearing

This is where ADA compliance software comes in handy – to audit your site for missed features and add these components where necessary. Coding and designing are costly and time-consuming, having software to help minimize this additional strain increases productivity and decreases the risk of a lawsuit.

Blind Person Using Voice Accessibility

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