Are you worried that your site isn’t secure? If you’ve noticed that your online presence has gone down significantly, or that your site has not been functioning as it should be, it’s very possible that your website has been infected with a WordPress virus.

But even if you haven’t noticed any signs that your site has been infected, now is a great time to look into protection for your WordPress site to safeguard it and your business against any future virus attacks.

What Does a WordPress Virus Do?

There are a variety of WordPress virus types that can affect the functionality of your site and lead to consequences in your online presence, which often directly affects your business. Common types of WordPress viruses include .htaccess file malware, inserted JavaScript or PHP code, and SQL injection.

All of those names, in short, mean that the coding within your site can be altered to affect its integrity and appearance, such as unauthorized banner ads. The consequences of malware to your site includes lowered Google ranking or even a redirect from your site to another should the code instruct this behavior.

How Do You Secure Your Site Against Malware?

Don’t wait for a virus to happen to protect your site. Malicious code will affect the usability, and ultimately, the purpose of your site. There are many steps that you can (and should) take to achieve website protection against a malicious WordPress virus.

Hide your website’s login and admin name

WordPress defaults are all too easy for hackers and viruses to detect, leaving your website wide open for changes to your administrative capabilities and your website security. Actively hiding your usernames within the code of your site will be highly beneficial to your website protection.

Website security certificates

Otherwise known as SSL certificates, these security elements can be purchased for your domain and coded into your website, leaving you with a higher level of security. This higher degree of website security actually affects your Google ranking, as Google recognizes your efforts to provide a more secure experience for your visitors, and it rewards you with a higher search ranking.

Regularly update your site to the latest version

By updating your site as soon as a new update is released, you give hackers and viruses fewer chances to learn the security flaws within the software of the previous version, keeping you a step ahead.

If you’ve already been attacked by a website virus, it’s not too late to fix your WordPress site. Outreach Digital Marketing can provide assistance in cleaning your site after a virus has struck. If you’re trying to stay ahead of the curve, Outreach Digital Marketing can help you take the proper precautionary measures to protect your site against future attacks.

Website Malware Search Your website is crucial to the online presence and success of your business. Make your brand invincible against an inevitable website virus with Outreach Digital Marketing’s secure website protection solutions. Call for a free website security audit from our team of experts at 888-678-8423 or reach us by filling out the contact form online.

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