Facebook has long been hailed king of the social media platforms. While Twitter and Instagram have impressive numbers, Facebook’s staggering 2.41-billion active monthly user count takes the cake. With so many users actively sharing, posting, liking, and commenting, Facebook is a popular place to advertise online.

Through paid advertising, or traditional social media engagement, there are benefits to marketing with Facebook. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss 5 such advantages, and why Facebook advertising might be for you.

1. Audience Targeting Tools

Facebook offers the attractive quality of a constantly evolving platform. Users can post not just text, but photos, videos, infographics, live streaming videos, and more. Along with this advanced posting technology comes the ability to target certain material to your audience for different reasons. For example, if your target audience is women 30-60 who have children, you can tailor your targeting options to find users by age, locale, connection to one another, interest, and behaviors reflecting parenthood.

Online marketing with Facebook provides an intuitive approach to information sharing. When setting up a Facebook ad, there are simple boxes to click and fill. These include but aren’t limited to gender, location, age, and language. You can then monitor successes in these categories from your user dashboard while you organize your next move on social media.

2. Ease of Use

Small business owners can rely on the simplicity of Facebook to get up and running with advertisements quickly and easily. With a failproof 2-step process, business owners need simply to setup a business page, and then choose the role of advertiser on your page. Once this is done, it’s a matter of deciding on boosting content posted to your site or sending out actual advertisements into social media cyberspace.

Users who create standard Facebook accounts can still market, but without the same access to targeting help. Fortunately, a basic user account can be changed into a business page easily, and for free.

3. Further Audience Selecting Assistance

For small businesses without the money or means to hire a social media manager, Facebook makes things easy. The site incentivizes its use with an audience lookalike feature. This foolproof selection process allows users to find new Facebook users to share content with based on those who have already been interested. The process, which clones the data used to find your first set of followers, reaches out through the billions of users on Facebook to acquire new but similar leads.

Once you’ve been given a new set of consumers to speak to, you can use analytics feedback to determine efficiency. So, not only does Facebook provide ample opportunity for audience expansion, it also lets you monitor the results of this new audience.

4. Facebook Offers Spending Limits

For business owners worrying about going over budget, Facebook has a solution. The company offers a spending limit option on paid ads to minimize overspending. When selecting automated payment, business users can choose to cap spending at certain intervals. Once that number is reached, you can choose to exceed it, but Facebook won’t allow the ad to continue running past your initial budget point.

In a sense, Facebook acts as a marketing manager within its own platform. Facebook even offers tips on how to properly budget advertising costs, and schedule ads effectively. This means less time manually managing each ad you run, and more time to enjoy its success.

5. Ad Remarketing Takes the Guess Work Away from Advertising

Just as your web design influences the way website visitors view your landing page, ad remarketing influences the way people view your ad. The remarketing process uses your audiences’ interest in your Facebook page to send an ad. Any time a user streams a video you’ve posted, clicks your website from your Facebook page, buys something from your business page, or leaves a comment on your page, they’re rewarded with an ad. This guarantees that ads aren’t being wasted on consumers who aren’t interested to begin with.

Facebook Analytics Feedback

The more ads each user generates, the more visible your business becomes in their daily life. In other words, the remarketing circle sends out more ads based on future visits from users as well. These ads don’t popup in a user’s email inbox, but rather appear on their Facebook account as they scroll through pages of friends and family. This natural advertising attempt saves you money and improves brand recall for consumers.

If Facebook sounds like it could be a good fit for your marketing needs, schedule a free consultation.

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