The modern marketing industry has fully committed itself to the continuous evolution of digital technology and one of the major players in this area is video marketing. As the name suggests video marketing relies on the production and distribution of video to attract and engage consumers. The reason for these efforts? Conversion and ROI.

As a leader in digital advertising, Outreach Digital Marketing receives many questions from clients about video production and SEO. One of the first things we explain is that while video can be a driving force in your marketing campaign, it must be used in a way that is both relevant and strategic. In other words, every video you publish should have a purpose and a target.

Here, we will discuss video marketing and how you can use it to optimize SEO, conversion, and brand loyalty. Here’s what you need to know.

Decide What Your End Game Is

Before you begin any new marketing strategy, you should have an end goal in mind. We always recommend that our clients determine what they want to achieve from video marketing before designing a campaign. This ensures that the content is directed toward the right target and includes all the features needed to be successful.

The stage of the sales funnel this campaign is targeted toward will also make a difference to the content used. For example, if this ad is meant to capture new interest in your product or service, it should include video footage that introduces clients to your brand and how it may fit their lives. If your ad is more geared toward customer retention, it may involve the use of special offers or new features to draw existing clients back in.

See What’s Out There

You wouldn’t put up a billboard unless you knew what the other billboards in the area already displayed right? So, why would you create or publish a video before you first researched competitors and discerned what was and wasn’t already working in the industry? One of the first tips we offer clients for SEO and video production is to check out competitors and develop a plan of action to create content to your strengths. Check social media feeds, landing pages, and online ads to learn:

  • Which marketing channels are in use?
  • What buttons of CTAs are being employed?
  • How is the topic of their video relevant to your field?
  • Is the tone of the content relaxed or professional?
  • How often do competitors post video content?

Most companies are putting their videos on public platforms, making it easy to collect data and design your own content based on your findings.

Create Content You Relate To

YouTube has quickly become a viral mass of video content, making it difficult for non-vloggers to compete in the marketing world. To develop video marketing platforms you can depend on, ensure that the content is relatable. Consumers want to see videos they can make sense of, which remind them of their own lives or situations, or which they aspire to be.

Depending on your current digital marketing campaign, the content you create will change in theme, focus, and CTA.

Focus on Building Links

The modern consumer is educated, which means they know what they want and how to go about finding it. Therefore, before you create links or form a partnership for backlinks, it is important to know who you want to share with, and what those individuals are getting out of your link. For example, is it meant to incite humor, empathy, excitement? These are all things to consider.

It is not only the link your customer’s click which matters but the page they land on and the information they receive which influences the success of that link. Some companies send new consumers toward a subscription link, while others tend to focus on the landing page. Your focus will depend on the end result you seek. If you are unsure about where your customers need to be to design your link building strategy, Outreach Digital Marketing can help you organize your video marketing campaign to better reflect your company culture and goals.

Video Marketing Strategy

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