Many small businesses create a website and blog without giving much thought to how much web traffic they generate. After all, you’ve got a website so that should be enough, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it is not enough.

Without website traffic, you are not generating interest in your business, and therefore, having an online presence is not sufficient to bring in sales. You have to work at it to make sure your site is driving traffic to not only grow brand awareness but also generate revenue.

Is Increased Traffic Enough?

The problem with website traffic is that there is good and bad traffic. It can be great news if you create enough interest out there to get people clicking through, whether it is from organic blog traffic or paid ads. However, if people outside of your target audience are visiting your site, then you really haven’t gained much. This kind of website traffic is as effective as having a coffee shop that only gets people coming through to use the bathroom.

Increasing the quality of your website traffic is just as important, if not more important than generating higher traffic at all. Your goal is to increase website or blog traffic, but with the sort of traffic that is likelier to result in paying customers. For example, by using targeted content, you are better positioned to get the right website traffic. When they implemented a targeted content marketing strategy, Skytap enjoyed a 124% increase in leads and a 210% increase in website traffic in North America.

Benefits of Quality Traffic

According to guest writer Jacob Baadsgaard, it is imperative to generate the right traffic. The right website traffic will save you money when running PPC campaigns as you will get more quality clicks from people who are more likely to buy. He found that 76% of clicks are irrelevant and will not lead to a sale. Likewise, if you are going the advertising route, focusing on the right keywords in your ads will make a huge difference. According to Baadsgaard, 100% of conversions and sales are due to just 6% of the keywords used.

What you want from high-quality website or blog traffic is to create a self-perpetuating customer generator, wherein:

  • Traffic generates leads.
  • Leads generate customers.
  • You keep the top of your sales funnel full.
  • Traffic grows, leads grows, and then revenue grows.

Quality Content = Quality Traffic

When you improve the quality of your content, you can increase blog traffic quality. According to a LinkedIn Content survey, 48% of marketers use specific content to support three to five of their customers’ purchasing stages. Also, your website and blog content provide the perfect balance of information to complement your sales techniques. Forty-nine percent of marketers will align their content to suit the stages of their sales cycle and aid customers through their sales journey.

The better the quality of content you provide online, the better the quality of your website and blog traffic. In fact, when looking at companies that use content marketing, their average conversion rates are six times better than companies that do not use content marketing.

Generating or Missing Sales?

Thirty percent of small businesses with a web presence generate over 25% of their revenue online. Perhaps even more telling, 50% of online sales are lost if someone can’t find the content they need when they visit your site.

The better your content, the more likely people will be to find you. If you can gain as much as 25% of sales from your online presence, it makes it very worthwhile to try to generate content that will keep more people engaged. When you have fewer pieces of content to educate or entertain prospects, then the more sales you stand to lose.

Website Traffic Check

Bad Traffic = Bad Leads

If you have invested time and money into the creation of downloadable content pieces to increase website rankings, then you have to make sure you are not wasting money. According to Integrate, for 1500 leads collected, bad leads on average can cost a company as much as $67,500 and 27 wasted hours.

By paying attention to what content on your site is providing the most reliable and profitable leads, you will know where to focus your content marketing efforts to get the highest quality website traffic. In fact, companies with effective blogs produce 67% more leads per month than those who don’t. When wondering how to get website and blog traffic to your site, focus on generating quality content. It just takes about 21 to 54 useful blogs to increase traffic by as much as 30%.

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