Marketing Catalyst
Marketing Catalyst

Marketing Catalyst Process
This program is designed to help your business get more exposure, more traction, and ultimately more leads. The central building block of this program is the creation of a modern marketing website.

From this foundational element, we will begin to create marketing assets such as content, social media engagement, marketing materials, and the necessary functions to attract and convert leads to customers.

  • Create initial marketing strategy and plan
  • Develop keyword content plan
  • Create editorial calendar 
  • Create Marketing Hourglass
  • Design or Redesign full WordPress website 
  • Write and post four blog submission per month
  • Create influencer list
  • Publish 20-30 social media updates across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn per month
  • Establish Facebook Content Amplification protocol 
  • Create Marketing Kit
  • Claim, create and submit directory profiles
  • Monitor and manage directory opportunities
  • Create and integrate robust rating and review web page and process 
  • Email Marketing
  • Create and manage advertising plan
  • Create and manage referral program
  • Create and distribute one press release per month
  • Create and install lead conversion system
  • Create new customer kit 
  • Create annual marketing plan
  • Create key metrics dashboard
  • Monthly status session
  • Conduct quarterly planning meeting
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization


The Marketing Catalyst is the next step up from the Marketing Jumpstart program it includes everything from the first package plus more strategy, processes, & calendars.

The biggest part of this package is that it includes a new custom Word Press website or redesign of your existing website.

We need to make sure that the foundation of the marketing program, your website, is set up correctly so that once we start sending traffic to the site it will convert to the best level possible.

  • New Custom Website
  • Paid Advertising
  • Automated Marketing Systems
  • Monthly Press Releases
  • Monthly Status Sessions

This package will also include paid marketing such as Google Adwords and Facebook pay per click where we can get instantaneous results since these ads will show up and start running right away once we launch the campaign.

We will also develop an automated marketing referral system online for capturing prospects information and slowly educating them on your products or services through an email drip campaign.

With a combination of over 18 tools we will leave no rock unturned and create instant marketing momentum culminating in a steady stream of leads for your team to turn into new customers.


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